Using iPhone tethering for iPhone-Only net access

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If you’ve already jail-broken your iPhone, and have made sure that it has Tethering enabled, either with 3.0 + iTunes or by hacking the CommCenter as described all over the web… There’s a nifty trick you may not be aware of.

You can use iPhone tethering to allow you computer to surf to the iPhone and vice-versa on a local network running over the USB cable…

The iPhone, while in tethering, presents itself as Ethernet over USB modem to the OS connected through USB to it.

The iPhone self assigns a address to itself, and seems to assign (and possibly other addresses) to the computer connected to it.

This by itself is more than enough for the iPhone to surf back into, or for to ssh into the iPhone over USB ( etc.

The only “trick” you’d probably still need to employ, is making sure that the computer doesn’t actually access the network over USB + 3G and drain your bank account, just because you felt like SSHing into your device.

For that, all you need to do, is got the network interface properties, whereever they are (Depending on OS etc.) and Make sure the iPhone Ethernet device is configured for static IP address.. (Drum roll.., and the Gateway is just not configured.

This way, the iPhone will still be able to access the PC and vice-versa over USB.

Once you do this, you’ll start appreciating the device much more.
The whole thing feels much more responsive to SSH, command line, python etc. that way.

Here a short video of how this looks on Windows 7, on one of my Boxes:


iPhone 3.1.2 Hacking Linkfest

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Apple, in their ever lasting wisdom, keep trying to make the iPhone a less friendly platform… That is, unless you know what you’re doing:

Quick question… to any readers out there..

Anyone know of a good cheap pre-paid data/3G provider in Japan?
All I’m getting is SoftBank, which seem to have stopped selling uSim only packages, and are not too cheap any-how.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Me and fuck-up-ness

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Just thought I’d take a moment to share the bugs that plague the ever-evolving software product called my brain.

Recently, I went back to running. Much of this was triggered by my interest and subsequent purchase of Vibram Five Fingers (Classic and KSO, in case anyone is interested…).


When/before I bought the V5F’s, It was made abundantly clear to me that my running style would have to change (hopefully for the better) and that a break-in period for the feet, while everything re-adjusts itself, might take some time.

So I’ve been running now with the V5F’s for about a month or so.
The first couple of weeks were definitely what one might call an adjustment period. My calves were in constant muscle pain. Walking down stairs was painful. And generally speaking, the discomfort of having to do things differently (most mental I guess) had some toll during running.

Lately, I’ve been loosening up with my running habits.
I think my body has really adjust to the new style of running after about 3 weeks or so. I feel natural running even on pavement with the V5F’s now.
However, today, in one swift event, all of that changed. Again.

I think I now actually understand how little I understood before.

What happened? Simple. I bought a pair of in-ear headphones.
Bear with me.

Today, I got my Shure SE-530 in-ear phones. They are a spectacular piece of technology, and deserve a lot of attention all by them-selves, but that’s for another time.
The way this changed my running style was simple: When I started my 8km run today, I noticed that the thumping of my heel on the ground.
Though not as powerful or forceful as it was before the V5F’s came into my life, the addition of the earphones, with their cable running along my back, made the thumping of the heel extremely audible. Not only that, but it became extremely annoying as well. I couldn’t concentrate on listening to my music because of the sound of my heels hitting the ground.

So what’s the logical thing to do?
Of course, stop striking the ground with the heels. Somewhere along the run, in one swift step, I had simply become so annoyed that I completely stopped hitting the ground with my heels. I suddenly really started running on the fore-foot without almost touching the heels at all.

Still trying to recover from my muscle pains…

Been Long Time Since I…

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But, more importantly, I’ve checked out the new RockBox 3.4 release.

It does rock. I can finally (it’s been a while I know) play complete .flac albums on the damn thing while switching tracks through .cue files.

I (Heart) RockBox.

Now I just need to put my hands on one of those big-ass Thoshiba 1.8″ drives to get my chock full o flacs on my iPod/RockBox combo

I’ll just for e-bay to provide it @ some more reasonable (<$100) price point

Die Bold

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I just wandered into an ATM off of 6th Av. and look what I got:

Visual Studio Crashing on Search in File(s)

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Continuing on my newly founded hobby, making Windows XP x64 behave, here’s another Gem… If you’ve ever had Visual Studio 2008 crash when doing a search or search and replace command, this is probably for you:

  1. Go to Microsoft’s Hotfix Request Web Form
  2. In: “Product and version affected:”, type in: 947841
  3. Fill out the rest of the form
  4. Wait for e-mail to arrive in a few hours
  5. Install HotFix
  6. Curse Microsoft

Getting iTunes to Work with Windows XP X64

•April 13, 2008 • 240 Comments

Since Windows XP X64 is the abandoned, left for dead son on Microsoft, it’s actually a very nice and pleasant product to work with.
This of course has to do with the fact that the kernel and most of the OS shared the features/service packs and the general respect that Microsoft gives to it’s server line of products.
In other words, what I’m trying to say, is that generally speaking Microsoft’s behavior very much reminds that of Sauron of LOTR, while it’s eye is fixed on the Vista / Desktop users, and actively Harming them and trying to amputate them, Windows XP X64 users are left, just like Frodo, to calmly walk the land of Mordor undisturbed.

Unfortunately, this is where the metaphor ends, since many other software companies, seem not to respect the legitimacy of Windows XP X64’s users to peacefully exist… What’s more interesting is that in some cases it’s even Microsoft that seem to no support it’s own dog food:

Windows Live Installer - x64

Now, while in the particular case I’ve just mentioned, there is a well documented fix (and in all fairness it appears to be more of a braindamage somewhere deep in redmondian since the actual MSI files install without a hiccup), this does not seem to be the case with iTunes.

Even though iTunes supports Windows Vista X64, it does not seem to show love for Windows XP X64:

iTunes - x64

The reason I write about this is because I’ve found a FIX!, From what I can tell, this seems to work perfectly fine, but keep in mind… YMMV.
From my personal experience, iTunes will complain about not being able to burn CDs (Who cares?), but everything else works well.. including iPhone support…

In case you are experiencing some iPhone related problems after the install, scroll down to the Troubleshooting section for a possible fix.

So… How?:

Installing iTunes

  1. Download the 64 bit iTunes installer, the links are not always easy to find, but google comes in handy: Generally speaking try looking for: iTunes [Version #] iTunes64Setup
    In my case it was: iTunes 7.6.2 iTunes64Setup, which was found here
  2. Use some extraction tool to open up the iTunes64Setup.exe into a folder, in my case I used ever so useful 7-zip, and named the folder iTunes64Setup-x64patch, since I plan to zip it up for later use… This should look like this:
    Now, we shouldn’t care for the iTunesSetupAdmin.exe file, we only care about the MSI files. All of the MSI files are compatible with XP X64 to begin with, EXCEPT for iTunes.msi, which is kind of important… so now we need to make it work with XP X64…
  3. Download Microsoft’s Orca MSI editor, you can either google it, or download the entire Windows SDK (1.4 GB and counting…), install Orca
  4. Edit the iTunes.msi file with Orca (You can do this by right-clicking the .msi file and choosing "Edit with Orca"
  5. Navigate to "LaunchCondition" section, choose the Conditions that spells: "VersionNT64>=600", and change it to "VersionNT64>=501"
    Or in pictures from this:
    To this:
  6. Choose to save the file, exit Orca, then double-click iTunes.msi and complete the install…

Troubleshooting iTunes <-> iPhone Link/Sync

It has come to my attention that some people are experiencing some issues with having the iPhone accessible after the installtion of iTunes is finished.
I’ve found the following procedure, as described in the comment by hip63 can provide the much desired fix.

  1. Plug your iPhone into the computer
  2. Go to the device manager, in any way you know how to, for those of you who need more directed help:
    Open System Properties (in the Control Panel, or right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”), then go to the Hardware tab and click the “Device Manager” button
  3. You should be able to find a “Imaging Devices” section with an appropriate “Apple iPhone” entry
  4. Right click the “Apple iPhone “ Entry and select “Update Driver…”
  5. When the Hardware Update Wizard opens up, it may ask if you want to connect to Windows Update. select “No, not this time” and hit Next.
  6. On the next screen, select “Install for a list or specific location” and click Next.
  7. On the next screen, select “Don’t search…” and hit Next.
  8. The next screen should show you two entries, “Digital Still Camera” and “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver”. (or similar) Select “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” and click Next.
  9. After a while you will be presented with that same “this driver might make your face melt off” warning screen from earlier. Click “Continue Anyway”.

Plug the iPhone out, and back in, restart your computer (might not be necessary, but what the heck) and everything should be back online.