Illusions Islands

So… I’m learning how to be a skipper, it’s a long haul, and there’s really nothing super exciting about it except for sailing a lot and learning navigation and so on.

I’m doing this in Israel, in a school called Yam-Sailing (English Link) (highly recommended) with my Instructor Roni Cohen. When I started (a month ago) Roni warned me that we better get the navigation chapter done (i.e. I should learn and pass the navigation test) as soon as possible, before January 1st 2010.

The reason for this was because someone in the Israeli sailing association, which is responsible for testing the would-be-skippers, decided it would be a great idea to switch from learning navigation on the English Channel to a map of Israel.
After all, what’s wrong with some local partriotism.. right? right!?!?!

The English channel map that we (in Israel) have been using so far, for the last 30 years or so, contains a fair level of interest/challenge in the form of:

  • Lighthouse markings
  • Islands
  • having the Greenwich line pass in the middle (i.e. East & West Coordinates)
  • Dealing with Geodesic mapping errors
  • French + English markings

Compared with a nautical map of Israel, which has roughly nothing on it (even seen a lighthouse in Israel?) this of course posed a problem…

The solution?


For those who are not speaking in Hebrew…
The English “translation” doesn’t do it justice.
Literally fro Hebrew to English

Not to be used for navigation

for instructional purposes only
The maps contain elements that do not exist in reality

You’ve got to love it: “do not exist in reality” 🙂

Who doesn’t remember ever taking a boat ride to Arik Island (Guess what’s the first name of the person responsible for this for 10 points?)

The culmination of this is of course: Illusions Islands (sic) just off-shore to Natanya with it’s lighthouses Noa & Ela (I’m guessing he has two daughters?)


~ by damageboy on November 25, 2009.

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