Me and fuck-up-ness

Just thought I’d take a moment to share the bugs that plague the ever-evolving software product called my brain.

Recently, I went back to running. Much of this was triggered by my interest and subsequent purchase of Vibram Five Fingers (Classic and KSO, in case anyone is interested…).


When/before I bought the V5F’s, It was made abundantly clear to me that my running style would have to change (hopefully for the better) and that a break-in period for the feet, while everything re-adjusts itself, might take some time.

So I’ve been running now with the V5F’s for about a month or so.
The first couple of weeks were definitely what one might call an adjustment period. My calves were in constant muscle pain. Walking down stairs was painful. And generally speaking, the discomfort of having to do things differently (most mental I guess) had some toll during running.

Lately, I’ve been loosening up with my running habits.
I think my body has really adjust to the new style of running after about 3 weeks or so. I feel natural running even on pavement with the V5F’s now.
However, today, in one swift event, all of that changed. Again.

I think I now actually understand how little I understood before.

What happened? Simple. I bought a pair of in-ear headphones.
Bear with me.

Today, I got my Shure SE-530 in-ear phones. They are a spectacular piece of technology, and deserve a lot of attention all by them-selves, but that’s for another time.
The way this changed my running style was simple: When I started my 8km run today, I noticed that the thumping of my heel on the ground.
Though not as powerful or forceful as it was before the V5F’s came into my life, the addition of the earphones, with their cable running along my back, made the thumping of the heel extremely audible. Not only that, but it became extremely annoying as well. I couldn’t concentrate on listening to my music because of the sound of my heels hitting the ground.

So what’s the logical thing to do?
Of course, stop striking the ground with the heels. Somewhere along the run, in one swift step, I had simply become so annoyed that I completely stopped hitting the ground with my heels. I suddenly really started running on the fore-foot without almost touching the heels at all.

Still trying to recover from my muscle pains…

~ by damageboy on October 6, 2009.

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