I hate you Sony, oh So very much

I bought a new Sony VGN-TZ-150P/B.

I really like the Sony execution of the ultra-portable notebook concept… The keyboard, the spec, the battery life, the finger-print reader and webcam, the 11.1″ screen with HD resolution and the piano black finish make this note a definite love at first sight to anyone whose ever dealt with ultra-portables.
Not to mention the fact that it weighs a mere 2.6lbs or roughly 1.2kg is definite win.

Just to make sure I won’t suffer too much from the fact it comes with Vista, I even bought a 2GB SODIMM so I could do the upgrade for myself.

The moment I got it I realized what a great product it was, it took me three click on the keyboard and one touch of the power button to fall in love with it.

It was definitely a Sony.

The only problem, was that it was a Sony.

Sony, much like any other notebook manufacturer chooses to install heaps and heaps of crapware on their notebook products. Obviously they think that their users enjoy receiving a crap-infested computer as they start their notebook for the first time.

Obviously, as this is not the first notebook I have bought I was ready for this out-of-the-box experience and the first thing I did was to re-install Windows Vista into a more, shall we say, virginal state.

My disgusting experience began immediately after the vista installation was completed… Much to my surprise, I found out that Vista thinks that my dual-core U7500 processor is…. Single core… Yeap, That’s right. This weirdness was immediately confirmed by Intel’s Processor Identification Utility as the following screenshot shot shows:

Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility

As you can see, Intel’s utility, clearly thinks the CPU’s second core is disabled. Fun fun.

Next step was to try to see where this is coming from. Vista, being the glorious cluster-fuck that it is, was the first immediate suspect. I tried to update vista, update Sony drivers, and what not, but nothing helped.

Next step was to try and see if somehow miraculously, the BIOS had disable the second core. The BIOS didn’t show any setting that has to do with Multi-Core, so I gave that up.

At some point I tried booting Ubuntu on my laptop, and that’s when I saw that Ubuntu, being an OS that I actually trust with something (i.e. Linux) was ALSO reporting that there is only ONE core(!). That’s when I realized that it was either my Sony that was trying to say it wasn’t meant to be or something more mysterious.

The last thing I tried, which is also what fixed everything, was to go again through the BIOS options looking for any setting like “Disable Multi-Core and upset the User”, or “Frustrate the living shit out of our customers”, but I couldn’t find anything like that. That’s when it hit me!, If I were really trying to annoy someone, I wouldn’t just put an option that actually FIXES something in the BIOS… so that’s when I realized that there might be a way out of this after all..

I pressed F9 while in the BIOS. That’s it. Why F9? Simple… because F9 is “Load Defaults” and as it happens to be, it resets whatever poor excuse Sony (and Pheonix, the BIOS maker) has for not putting in actual setting in their BIOS.

After I reset the BIOS, both Ubuntu and Vista started detecting and using the second computer without a single hitch.

Fuck you Sony.

I wasted two days on this shit. At least I hope no one else does. That’s two days I’ll never get back.

You go to Hell! You go to Hell and you die!

I hope your stock plummets to a bottomless pit where Hades will eat your precious ESOP’s alive.

~ by damageboy on January 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “I hate you Sony, oh So very much”

  1. As a Lenovo X60 Tablet user i must say… oooo, pretty! 🙂 And to think I only get 2 hours at 1024×768 on my 12″ screen…

    How much was the $$$ damage?

  2. $1700… Including the 2GB RAM Upgrade

  3. shame on you dans, buying new stuff that’s already old. Get a MacBook Air, a new watchumacallit with WiMax support or simply get a life.
    PS sorry for the blurb, it’s really cold here, and my brain froze while mountain biking.
    PPS next time, try DELL – nice HW, minimal crapware (yep small coolness factor, I know)

  4. Hmm.. Funny I’m actually considering returning the thing and getting a new Air.

    Cohegen… Give these people some Air… 🙂

    Anyway, I’ll wait till I can hold one and decide afterwards. I have time since there’s a 30 day return thing in the US…

    The only thing annoying me is the fact that you can’t replace the battery…

  5. Yep. Steve’s an ass and he likes things to be wrapped and sealed (He also killed my Newton, bot I’m not holding a grudge or anything, I’m not a psycho, you know). Add to that the fact that you’ll probably have to use Parallels or VMWare just to run the stuff that’s not available on Mac, and the package gets beefier 😦

    I can only envy you Americans with your beautiful oh-so-convenient retail system, never standing between a man and his spendings…

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