B&H Photo/Video in New York

Lots of People know B&H Photo as their one-stop-shop for all photography purchases in NY.

For many Israelis its also the natural place since they get served by Hasidic Jews, or any other form of nationality over there, that can speak Yiddish/Hebrew…

It’s actually quite funny to see someone who is clearly not racially afflicted with Judaism yet can at the least understand every word of Camera-Speak-Hebrew they encounter.

Not many people know this, but B&H actually stand for B‘ezrat Hashem, בעזרת השם, (Freely translated to God Willing, or with God’s Help, Insha’Allah etc.)

Another nice thing about B&H is that they are amongst the most decent merchants you might ever meet, They:

  • Provide Trade-Ins for older Gear
  • Sell used gear
  • Refer people to other stores if they don’t have it in stock
  • Don’t try to sell you stuff you don’t want
  • Generally provide professional, kind and respectful service to anyone and everyone

I definitely recommend visiting B&H and going to there even to buy a simple camera cover just to go through their crazy checkout experience…

~ by damageboy on December 18, 2007.

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