Landed in NY. Thinking about a an old action movie…

Finally got to New York. Long journey. Heavy suitcases. Tomorrow is a new (and cold) day.

Luckily the temperature isn’t as low as everyone warned me about. Everybody made a bloody good point of it being -5c but in reality it’s more like +5c right now (04:00).

At least this means I can run in the central park in the morning. We’ll see how that experience goes, as it’s been a while since I ran in such cold.

It’s funny how doing these semi-stupid things always reminds me (repeatedly) of a silly action movie I saw once, where one of the stupid characters says something lame like: “History is written by those who take action while others wait idly by…” vanishes into some god-forsaken shaft and dies within 5 seconds.

Oh well, If I hurt my self in any interesting way I promise to post pictures.

~ by damageboy on December 3, 2007.

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